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Lex in the hir and now: Writer of unclassifiable fantasy, sci-fi geek, techie, Eng Lang & Linguistics grad. Ambi-gender. Excel nerd. Terminal procrastinator.

I have various 'issues' (oh, the emo!) which will probably become apparent if you're reading my journal: I'm unipolar depressive (though I try not to whine about it) and bigender, which is a fancy word that essentially means 'I don't believe in sticking to the gender roles of the bits I was born with but decide on a day-to-day or situation-by-situation basis whether I feel like being more 'bloke' or 'bird'. I don't really think my physical body matters all that much -- not that I don't take care of it, but it's really just more of a handy thing that came with these convenient walking-bits and a secure brain casing -- and prefer a male pronoun, or a gender-neutral one.

Oh, and I really do not take myself too seriously. As long as you're being friendly enough with your merciless teasing, chances are I'll take it in good spirits and probably bitch right back. :P

This being my 'everyday' journal most of my entries are pretty... well, everyday. I try to post at least once a week, and I do my best to make things interesting; I've been told that I have an engaging style, and I do my best to write entries that you'll enjoy reading.

I post about the world around me and what effects it has on me; I post about trips I've been on (sometimes with pictures, though I always cut to save your friends page layout); I post about writing sometimes; very occasionally I might post bits of actual writing -- usually snippets of pieces I don't want to put on my writing journal for some reason, either because they're unadulterated crap or ideas for something larger that I might try to publish someday, and I don't want to play about with copyright law by posting them to the net at large. If you're very very (un)lucky, I might stick some art up now and then. Pretty much your average everyday journal, really. I don't bite unless you ask nicely. ;]

Please do let me know that you've added me, otherwise I'll quite likely miss it for months, and I do believe in mutual adds. :] All of my entries are f-locked because, really, who needs their whole life all over the net -- and who's likely to be interested in mine? If you'd like a look-in, drop me a comment on the lock post and the chances are I'll let you saunter on in. I ask only that you respect both my full locks and any custom locks you may be privy to. If I come up with something groundbreaking that you'd like to repost, just ask -- I'm vain enough to let you. ;]

I do not play oh-M-gee friends cut!!1! games with activity checks. If you feel you have something to add or you'd like to start a discussion, that's grand -- hop on in. If not, feel free to keep quiet and just read on in your own time. I won't cut you for protracted periods of silence, though I do ask that you extend the same courtesy to me.

If anything herein offends or upsets you, let me know in a calm and mature fashion so we can discuss it; I'll happily create filters or add you to existing ones so you don't have to see content which triggers, upsets or offends you. Really, I'm pretty easy-going. Any questions, just ask!

I'm not the most active in any given fandom, but it'll probably help you to see a list of things I like. Anything in common? Shout up; I'm always happy to discuss 'em. :]
Andromeda | Avengers | CATS | Discworld | Dr Who | Jeeves and Wooster | Labyrinth | La Nouba (Cirque du Soleil) | Lord of the Rings | Red Dwarf | Sherlock (BBC) | Supernatural

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